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Board of Directors

To represent the interests of psychotherapists, to advance the standards of psychotherapy practice and to promote effective and efficient service.


Board Co-Chair; Interim Co-Chair, EDI Committee
Chair, Professional Development Committee

Kimberly Cato has been an advocate for change, acceptance without judgement, and the dismantling of systems of oppression all her life. Moved into action by the emotional or physical pain of others, Kimberly formally established True Roots Counselling Services (True Roots) in 1996 to assist those blindsided or overwhelmed by life-altering events, to transform their trauma into triumph.

Since the racial justice reckoning in May of 2020, Kimberly has worked hard to create spaces where Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPoC), and those marginalized or “Othered” by society (on either sides of the proverbial therapy couch), feel welcome and safe to explore and re-define mental health / wellness outside of traditionally exclusionary and oppressive paradigms. 

Kimberly is very excited about returning to OSRP, particularly after seeing the opportunity for inclusivity through the BIPoC Bursaries, BIPoC Scholarships, the Mentorship Program, and intentional policies for organizational change. She has very fond memories of participating on the OSRP Board as Chair of Professional Development in 2018 and is delighted to join the current move toward creating space in which race and other forms of marginalization are not barriers to entry into the field of psychotherapy, resulting in an OSRP that accurately represent the diversity of the community served in Ontario.

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Contact Kimberly: president@psychotherapyontario.org

Contact Kimberly: edi@psychotherapyontario.org

Contact Kimberly: professional-development@psychotherapyontario.org



Christina Williams is a registered psychotherapist in Northern Ontario. She works in private practice and as a therapist within the school board (developing programming and offering therapy groups to students). She has previously worked in the inpatient/ outpatient psychiatric unit of her local hospital.

Christina works to service her local First Nations population, youth, women and those experiencing a variety of struggles including, but not limited to, trauma, adoption, and personality disorders. Though she takes an eclectic approach, she has experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Mindfulness from a client centred and trauma informed lens.

Christina has been on the board for the past two years and is excited to continue to serve OSRP members in her new role.

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Contact Christina: president@psychotherapyontario.org


Chair, Advocacy Committee

Rachel is thrilled to return to the Board and to Chairing the Advocacy Committee after serving for 2.5 years on the HST Task Force, a cause about which she feels passionately.  Previously, she was honoured to be on the Board of the imagineNATIVEfilm + media arts festival.  Currently, she’s a member of the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapists (CAPT) and Therapists for Equity and Justice (TEJ), and is a graduate of CTP, the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy.

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Contact Rachel: past-vice-president@psychotherapyontario.org

Contact Rachel: advocacy@psychotherapyontario.org


Certified Solution Focused Therapist
(Diamond Levels 1 & 2/Level 3 Pending)

Co-Chair, Wellness Committee

I joined the board because I noticed that it is made up of members that are passionate about the call of duty. Also, I discovered that, from the inception of the organization, there have been positive changes. That said, there is still much to do, which requires the help of everyone, especially psychotherapists. I know that I am motivated and possess diverse skills and global knowledge that can be of great use to this wonderful organization. I greatly admire that the organization is made up of leaders that have the best interest of all psychotherapists in Canada at heart. Additionally, I believe that I can best serve the organization as an active member of the board of directors.

I bring with me over 20 years of professional experience within diverse fields, and I have held senior active leadership positions. I have had the privilege to sit on local and global boards. With that said, I am zealous about the advancement of mental health locally and internationally. I am committed to continuing to work towards eradicating the stigma associated with obtaining professional mental health services. Also, I comprehend the urgency for more to be done globally, especially in Canada, to safeguard the field of psychotherapy. Such urgency also brings greater attention to the fact that psychotherapy, like its counterpart, psychology, has its own unique platform and is not second best to any approach.

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Contact Natasha: past-vice-president@psychotherapyontario.org


Co-Chair, Ethics Committee
Co-Chair, Wellness Committee

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Contact Dianne: ethics@psychotherapyontario.org


Co-Chair, EDI Committee

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Contact Alethia: edi@psychotherapyontario.org


Co-Chair, Ethics Committee
Co-Chair, Wellness Committee

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Co-Chair, Wellness Committee

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Chair, PRPA Sub-Committee 

I am a Palestinian Canadian whose life was greatly impacted by the experience of childhood immigration and political developments in the Middle East. In my spare time, I fight injustice and inequality as a human rights activist and community organizer. I have also worked with immigrants and refugees, providing settlement services and group counselling sessions. My passion for psychotherapy stems from my conviction that a better world is possible.

As hard as change was for me in my own life transitions, it would be change that would drive me forward; the desire to understand myself and improve, to do the work that would be necessary to become the person I am today.

I hope to bring my passion for change to the OSRP as we continue to grow and inspire.

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Co-Chair, Ethics Committee

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