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Welcome to our member spotlight.

Learn about members all over Ontario, especially in the more remote regions, the diversity of approaches and the population that our members serve.

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May 2024

Adam is a Registered Psychotherapist and is the founder of First Step Men’s Therapy Clinic in Ottawa. He began his therapy journey in 2016 after returning from Dubai. Life had hit a crisis point and he felt lost. He happened upon a conversation with a psychologist on a panel discussion on TV and felt an inkling to contact the therapist. In therapy, he found the healing power of vulnerability and decided to create the same space for other men. He started First Step Men’s Therapy to create a safe space for men to open up, feel supported, and challenge the stigma and shame they can feel about mental health and therapy. The clinic has 17 practitioners of diverse backgrounds and modalities. They offer individual and couples counselling, low cost, and pro bono sessions to make this service accessible to as many men as possible and serve all of Ontario virtually.

Adam shared that at the beginning of his practice, he wanted to fix his clients’ problems, relationships, and emotions. He now understands that he can best serve his clients by holding space and trusting the process. In his practice, he uses Narrative, Emotion-Focused, Attachment Theory, Motivational Interviewing, CBT, CSAT, and Person-Centered therapeutic modalities. 

He's passionate about his work and is in the process of opening more clinics across Ontario and starting group therapy for men this year.

Adam has allocated Mondays as self-care days and loves to exercise, spend time in solitude and in nature, and has recently been inspired by the author and Hindu priest Dandapani’s talks.

Contact Adam:

And the clinic

Thank you, Adam, for the inspiring chat. I wish you the best in expanding your purpose and practice!

With love,


April 2024

Diviya and I had a dynamic chat about her work, what matters to her in the field of psychotherapy, and some of our core responsibilities as therapists. I am genuinely excited about the new generation of psychotherapists entering the field and feel lucky that so many of them are choosing the OSRP as their professional homebase

Diviya is warm, articulate, and passionate about the work we do as therapists, and especially interested in decolonizing psychotherapeutic spaces from the old, rigid models of being that are not equitable, inclusive, or diverse. She is a graduate of Yorkville University and utilizes Relational Somatic IFS (Internal Family Systems) in her practice. She shared that therapy was not part of her inherited culture, but after trying therapy and seeing the deeply positive impact on her sense of self and her relationship with the colonized aspect of her culture, she decided to pursue it as a career and a calling.

Decolonization of self, culture, and therapeutic practices is at the heart of her work with clients. She mentioned that part of the reason she joined the OSRP was the Society’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion practices. She calls on the board and the Society to do more to further the practice toward liberation from colonized systems of being.

She finds solace and inspiration in nature and shared with me some of her current reading material:

For anyone interested, she’s also a co-founder of a listserv that has Equity and Justice as their core principal: Therapists of Equity & Justice

Diviya is accepting clients at the moment and can be found here:

Thank you, Diviya, for sharing your contagious passion with us!

March 2024

Our first Member Spotlight features Rosetta Racco, RP. She works with neurodivergent children, adolescents (3-22 years of age), and Autistics of all ages, and their families. She’s accepting new clients at the moment and offers sessions both online and in person.

I had a fascinating conversation with her about her life/work experience that spans over three decades. She has worked in various professional roles such as an Early Childhood Educator, Resource Consultant for Ministry of Children & Youth, Behaviour Therapist, Infant Mental Health & Family Counsellor etc. She’s also lived and worked in Africa and the UAE and brings this rich diversity to her practice with clients.

She realized her own neurodivergence when pursuing her education in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. It helped her make sense of her life-long passion, deepened her practice in the way she supports not only her clients, but also their families.

Fortunately, Neurodivergnece has started to become a more positive movement with neuro affirming aspects and she feels lucky to be a part of this age of inclusivity. Brava Rosetta!

Outside of work, she enjoys long walks in nature, reading and self study through books, podcasts and articles.

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