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  • Mon, May 13, 2024 2:49 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Making a move that impacts your business, team, and your patients or clients — like switching to a new EMR — can feel daunting.

    This is especially true for Allie Joy, a licensed professional counselor, who, after much consideration, decided to switch clinic software.

    Allie shares her experience with switching, and a few tips she picked up along the way — starting with her top 3 things to look for in a software:

    • ☎️ Unlimited customer support - Having access to support both during and after onboarding will be an invaluable asset to you and your team.
    • Onboarding resources - Look for a software that offers a variety of resources to match your team’s learning styles
    • A user-friendly interface - Reduce the learning curve by selecting a software that has intuitive, easy-to-learn workflows.

    You can read more about Allie’s switching journey at Or, visit to book a 1-on-1 demo.

    Book A Demo

  • Mon, May 13, 2024 1:52 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Elevate Your Practice with Professional Development Opportunity

    Join us for the University Health Network’s Clinical Advances in Depression Care Conference on May 31.

    Hosted by UHN’s Poul Hansen Family Centre for Depression, this interactive, one-day, virtual, event offers an overview of innovative interventions and evidence-based practices in depression care.

    Explore topics such as:

    • Integrating the newly updated CANMAT (Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments) guidelines for enhanced interventions.
    • Appreciating and incorporating psychotherapeutic modalities such as dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for individuals with depressive symptoms.
    • Assessing the impact of sleep disorders on mood, and treatments for sleep disorders affecting depression.
    • Effective strategies for distinguishing between sadness and depression and managing low mood in medically ill patients.

    Gain invaluable knowledge and skills through lectures, workshops and breakout discussions to enhance your clinical practice and optimize patient care. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with peers, and expand your expertise.

    Providers assessing, treating, or interacting with patients experiencing depression, or interested in enhancing their understanding and treatment of the complexities within depression care will benefit from attending.

    Register now

    Explore the conference’s program

  • Mon, May 13, 2024 12:59 PM | OSRP (Administrator)


    If you love to write about psychotherapy, please contact me at, and let’s chat about the possibility of adding your voice to this amazing community.

    With love,

    Mahshad Aryafar, RP

    Connect Committee Chair

  • Mon, May 13, 2024 12:52 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Since 2021, OSRP has provided Perkopolis as a member benefit, allowing our members discounts on a wide variety of products and services. Perkopolis is a 100% Canadian-owned-and-operated company.

    Gifting season is right around the corner and Perkopolis is the best place to save. Whether it is for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, or wedding season, you can find the perfect gift on Perkopolis.

    Perkopolis is our perks provider with over 5,000 exclusive offers on everything including travel, retail, and tickets.

    Some of the many products and services offered at discounted rates through Perkopolis include:

    • Clothing, footwear, jewellery, handbags
    • Gifts, hair and body care, skincare, men’s grooming
    • Items for the home (furniture and décor, kitchen, mattresses and bedding, electronics)
    • Moving services/storage
    • Nutrition
    • Entertainment (e.g., dance, Cirque du Soleil, comedies, musicals, concerts and festivals)
    • Home, auto and pet insurance
    • Travel discounts on flights, car rentals, hotels and cruises
    • And services such as tax returns, cell phone service providers and home security
    To register for Perkopolis you’ll need your OSRP membership number. Log in to and click on View profile. You will find your membership number beside User ID/Membership Number.

    Accessing Perkopolis is easy. Go to Your Perkopolis membership number is OSRP plus your membership number. (E.g., OSRP123456.)

    Detailed information on how to register for Perkopolis can be found on the Member Benefits page once you log in to You will also find a link to a short video showing you how to register.

  • Mon, May 13, 2024 12:45 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    We recommend periodically checking your online profile to ensure that your information is accurate. This includes changes to your name and practice information. Maintaining accurate information allows clients to find you when they are searching for a psychotherapist.

    If changes are needed, you can update this information directly in your OSRP user account by going to your “Profile” page.

    Please note, if you are a Clinical or Qualifying member and wish to have your name appear on our online referral service, you must provide permission. Go to the Privacy tab under your member profile and click the “Show profile to others” box.

    You can then choose which information to make public and which to keep private. Remember to save your changes.

  • Tue, April 23, 2024 12:04 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    OSRP held a Special Session of the Members on April 12 to vote on proposed changes to our constitution and by-laws.

    The following motions were approved:
    1. Electronic voting
    2. Proxy voting

    Electronic Voting

    We can now implement electronic voting to ensure we hear from all members. You have the option to have your voice heard! The platform will allow members to cast their votes through secure and verified means.

    Electronic Voting By-law

    9.2 Electronic Voting Implementation - The Corporation shall adopt electronic voting methods for By-laws, elections of new slates, and the election of new Board of Directors members. The electronic voting platform shall allow members to cast their votes remotely through secure and verified means, ensuring a fair and transparent voting process.

    9.3 Pro-Democracy Measures - The introduction of electronic voting aligns with the Corporation's commitment to democracy, inclusivity, and member engagement. This contemporary approach aims to provide every member with a direct say in the decision-making process.

    9.4 Interim Board of Directors Elections - The adoption of electronic voting also enables the Corporation to conduct elections for new Board of Directors members in between Annual General Meetings without the necessity of convening a special meeting of the members. This facilitates the timely filling of vacant Board of Directors positions and the continued effective governance of the Corporation.

    Proxy Voting

    The process of proxy voting shall be revised to ensure that members are fully informed about how their proxies will be voted. Members shall be required to indicate their voting preferences on the proxy form, specifying how their proxy shall cast their vote on each matter.

    Proxy Voting By-law

    9.1 Proxy Voting Process - The process of proxy voting shall be revised to ensure that members are fully informed about how their proxies will be voted. Members shall be required to indicate their voting preferences on the proxy form, specifying how their proxy shall cast their vote on each matter.

    Thank you to all members who attended or submitted their proxy votes, allowing us to vote on these important by-laws.

    The meeting was recorded. Click here to access the link to the video.
  • Tue, April 23, 2024 11:56 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    The OSRP is growing and developing as an organization representing a diverse group of 1,300+ RPs across Ontario. To do so, we need your voices. Please let us know what we can do to make joining our Board a good fit for you.

    If you are Board-Curious and interested in learning more about becoming part of the OSRP Board, you are invited to an Open House on Friday, May 24, with Dan Sileshi, Chair of the Nomination Committee.

    Scheduled Zoom Meeting Date & Time:
    DATE: Friday, May 24, 2024
    TIME: 12-1 p.m. EDT

    Click here to register.

  • Tue, March 19, 2024 2:25 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    At our Annual General Meeting in November, resolutions to change our constitution and by-laws were presented to the membership for approval. These were included with the materials for that meeting in accordance with our by-laws.

    Unfortunately, we did not get to voting on most of the proposed changes at the Annual General Meeting. In recognizing that our members had a number of questions about the changes, we scheduled an "Ask me Anything" open house event in December to allow for more dialogue on this. Thank you to those who were able to attend and for your thoughtful questions.

    We are now looking to schedule a Special Session of the Membership to proceed with voting on these changes.

    Please take some time to review the below document, with particular attention to the "rationale" with which these proposed amendments were decided. Where a pre-existing by-law exists, we have provided a side-by-side comparison for you.

    Click here to view the by-law rationales.

    Understanding that you may have questions with respect to each of these proposed amendments, we have created a portal for you to submit these in advance of the meeting. This is in hopes that we can provide responses prior to the meeting, allowing us to get through the voting process in the allotted two hours for the meeting. The link below will take you to a survey where can enter questions as they pertain to each by-law. We will be responding to these a week prior to the Special Session of the Membership.

    Please note we will not be responding directly to questions posted on the listserv about these by-laws. 

    Click here to submit your questions.

    This meeting will be recorded.

    As a member in good standing of the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists, you have the privilege of voting and having your voice heard. One way to do this is to attend our Special Session of the Membership and use your vote there. However, if you are unable to attend in person, you may still weigh in by assigning someone else to vote for you by proxy.

    We need your votes!

    Quorum for our Special Session of the Membership is 130 members, so it is important that you register to attend the meeting or assign a proxy to vote on your behalf.

    Click here to register for the Special Session of the Membership

    How do I assign a proxy?

    Assigning a proxy is easy. First, make sure the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists member you are assigning as your proxy has registered to attend the Special Session of the Membership and let them know you wish to assign your proxy vote to them. Then, enter their name on the proxy application form. We have also provided the option to choose from your Executive committee as they are guaranteed to attend.

    Click here to fill in the proxy form.

  • Tue, March 19, 2024 10:52 AM | OSRP (Administrator)

    My name is Dan Sileshi.  I am a registered psychotherapist with the qualification of Diplomate Clinician in Logotherapy.

    In July 2010 I joined the OSRP.  In 2017, after participating as a regular member for seven years, Ms. Kimberley Cato, being Chairperson of the Professional Development Committee, invited me to join her Committee.  Several training seminars were organized by the Committee; these include the 30-hour, two-part supervision training program, which was well received.  

    My experiences in the Committee sharpened my focus on the bigger purpose behind the work of the OSRP as it serves the interests of psychotherapists in Ontario, and informed my decision to accept Ms. Cato’s invitation to join the Board of the OSRP in 2022. I currently hold the role of Vice-Chair.

    Membership on the Board has been a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth for me. I see possibilities for significant, positive impact on this profession and on its members, through the collaborative work that takes place at the Board level. I would, therefore, strongly encourage you, my fellow members of OSRP, to join us on the Board as we commit ourselves to the overall vision of this organization.  We seek to be accountable, and to work towards goals that will be beneficial for the work we do as psychotherapists. 

    I warmly invite you to join us as we put systems in place to make the OSRP a stronger, safer home for all.

    Live outside of the GTA?

    Don’t let that stop you from joining our Board! Our Board meetings are held via Zoom.

    Click here to view the Board roles and responsibilities.

    Click here to view Board member expectations

    Click here to submit your nomination for the Board.

  • Mon, March 18, 2024 3:04 PM | OSRP (Administrator)

    Did you know:

    • you can invite a colleague to join OSRP at any point in their career
    • if this is their first time with OSRP, you will receive $50 off your membership renewal in July, and:
    • They will get $50 off their first year?

    April 1 is a terrific start date for a new member, with a minimal financial commitment up front.

    Use this handy INVITE TEMPLATE, which you can address to your colleague.

    Please find a list of membership benefits – including health insurance, discounts on many products and services, access to the ListServ, and so much more – HERE.

    Thank you for welcoming new members, and making OSRP the professional home for over 1,300 Ontarians…and rising!

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